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Five Tips for Improving Monday Mornings

Author: Gretchin Rubin, writer of 'The Happiness Project', explores the steps you can take to get over those Monday morning blues, ultimately, Mondays, like any other day, are what you make them.

Date: 20th November 2017

Power Foods for the Brain

Dr Barnard talks about how our diet and lifestyle can protect our brains from diseases such as Alzheimer's and Mild Cognitive Impairment in a TED talk in 2016. A very interesting watch!

Date: 6th November 2017

The rise of ADHD: An educational psychology perspective

October has been Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Awareness Month. Past chair of our Division of Educational Psychology (DECP), Vivian Hill, gives her thoughts on rising ADHD rates and the role of educational psychologists.

Date: 30th October 2017

The effect of emotions on your behaviour depends partly on your expectations

Will you get a better result from a business negotiation if you get angry or remain calm? What about a creative task – will you come up with more solutions to a problem if you’re excited, or relaxed? This article explores how your expectations may lead to advantages and disadvantages in different scenarios.

Date: 23rd October 2017

National mental health event looks for real change in workplace culture

Joint BPS and SOM takes a look at workplace mental health and how a chance in a workplace culture can be achieved 

Date: 9th October 2017

Suicide Prevention: Identifying and supporting those at risk of suicide

The British Psychological Society discusses its calls to action on how to support those at risk of suicide.

Date: 12th September 2017