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Our expertise is based on experience of building therapeutic relationships and we bring this to our consultative work. We offer consultations to parents, professional groups and work teams. 

Consultation enables clarity of purpose and thinking, elucidation and identification of the relevant issues and the formulation of a working understanding of the problem or dilemma. It also facilitates participants (parents, partners and professional colleagues) to consider the ‘stories’ that inform their thinking and how this affects their working relationships and decision making. It is a very cost-effective and efficient use of psychology services. 

A consultation can take place with an individual or group. It can constitute a meaningful intervention in its own right or lead to further work such as an assessment or direct therapy. Consultations can be delivered in a variety of ways. At Shrewsbury Psychology Centre we utilize among other forms of consultation Systemic Consultation and Reflective Practice Groups



We provide supervision to practitioners in other organisations including Local Authority social services teams, CAMHS teams, and private and third sector agencies. This can be delivered in areas including:

  • family therapy teams
  • pastoral support staff in schools and colleges
  • fostering and adoption and residential care staff
  • professionals engaged in family court work
  • individual and group supervision to psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists

We are always happy to discuss and develop ideas for joint work, supervision and consultation, in line with your organisation's requirements. Please contact us for further information.