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Legal Services and Mediation

Expert witness assessment of children and parents in family court proceedings

Shrewsbury Psychology Centre provides expert witness assessment of children and parents in family court proceedings.
Examples of our expert witness work include:

  • Assessment of attachment and family relationships
  • Assessment of adults, their capacity and attitude to parenting
  • Child development pathways and child profiles
  • Impact of adversity and traumatic events on child development
  • Psychological assessment following Personal Injury and accidents
  • Relationships in adoption and foster care
  • Complex family dynamics and situations


Support in foster care and adoption cases 

We also provide assessments and therapy for children and adults, support for carers and children in foster care and we provide adoption consultation to many organisations, which aims at assisting staff and carers to clarify their aims, goals and purpose in their work with children and families. 


Expert psychological assessments in personal injury cases

We also provide expert psychological assessments in Personal Injury cases. 



Mediation is widely recognised as a method of helping to settle disputes. Where a court or tribunal will impose a solution, a mediator will guide the participants to resolve the dispute themselves. It is a voluntary and confidential process and we work with families and with disputes in the workplace. 


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